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Has Covid changed the price of a life?

THE dilemmas are achingly familiar by now. Should we lock down or stay open? If we lock down, when and in what order should the different sectors of the economy open up? What about schools? Places of worship? Cultural and sporting venues…?

Illustration by Paul Tansley for The Observer

This article first appeared in The Observer on 14 February 2021. To continue reading, click here.


Why Europe is once again the epicentre of the pandemic

LAST week Europe registered 1.5m new cases of Covid-19 – a record – making it once again the centre of the pandemic. The UK is not exempt, and England will enter a new lockdown from Thursday 5 November. From the outside, it might seem the continent is in the grip of a second wave that is ramping rapidly towards its peak. But it is not one wave, it’s many local waves, and that is crucial in understanding how to rein it in and prevent the same thing happening again…

This article first appeared in The Guardian on 2 November 2020. To continue reading, click here.


Coronavirus: on protecting the vulnerable

PANDEMICS force societies to take a hard look at themselves. With many countries beginning to lift lockdown, we’ve arrived at another one of those mirror moments: whether we experience a second wave of coronavirus infections depends in large part on the health status of some of the most vulnerable groups in society…

This article first appeared in The Guardian on 3 May 2020. To continue reading, click here.