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The great opportunity: how Covid transformed global crime

BY the end of March, one week into the UK’s first lockdown, recorded crime in Lancashire had dropped by a startling 40% compared with the four-year average. “At first there was some mild panic,” says DCI Eric Halford, of Lancashire Constabulary. “Most senior officers expected a surge in demand…”

Bonnie Parker, one half of Bonnie and Clyde, in 1933

This article first appeared in The Guardian on 27 December 2020. To continue reading, click here.

Update on KK Shailaja and her ‘Covid brigade’

BY mid-May, the Indian state of Kerala had contained the first wave of Covid-19, earning praise for the quick thinking and joined-up response of its health minister, KK Shailaja, and her team. By July, however, there were suggestions that those plaudits had been premature, and that Kerala’s Covid-19 response had come unstuck. Had it…?

KK Shailaja, aka Shailaja Teacher

This article first appeared in The Guardian on 22 December 2020. To continue reading, click here.


Time for some home truths about deforestation

TO prevent future pandemics, we must stop deforestation and end the illegal wildlife trade. Do you agree? Of course you do, because what’s not to like? The buck stops with the evil other. The question is, will doing those things solve the problem? And the answer is, probably not. They will help, but there’s another, potentially bigger problem closer to home: the global north’s use of natural resources, especially its reliance on livestock…

African rainforest

This article was first published in The Guardian on 21 December 2020. To continue reading, click here.


What are COVID archivists keeping for tomorrow’s historians?

IF only somebody had counted the orphans. That was one wish I had while trawling archives on the 1918 influenza pandemic to research my book Pale Rider. Another yearning? If only someone had saved biological samples of the unidentified respiratory disease that ravaged China in late 1917. Historians a century hence will, I think, have a lot more to go on…

Screenshot of the web portal to Cambridge University’s Covid-19 collecting effort

This article first appeared in Nature on 17 December 2020. To continue reading, click here.

Arms and the virus

LETTING the virus that causes Covid-19 circulate more-or-less freely is dangerous not only because it risks overwhelming hospitals and so endangering lives unnecessarily, but also because it could delay the evolution of the virus to a more benign form and potentially even make it more lethal…


This article first appeared in The Guardian on 19 November 2020. To continue reading, click here.