Just out from Skomlin Press, my translation of Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz’s best-loved novel:



A mountain falls down and an alpine village is frozen in its summer state. When a ghostly figure appears beyond the last house, the villagers are terrorised. Is it a soul trapped in limbo, come to make his baleful complaint? Only one of them recognises him as a survivor, her husband in flesh and blood. The village rejoices, but when the survivor declares his intention to return beneath the rubble, the old doubts resurface. Swiss writer Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz sets his masterful tale of love and loss against the tectonic indifference of the high Alps.

Ramuz is a national treasure in Switzerland, less well-known in the rest of the francophone world, unknown in the English-speaking world. If you’d like to know him, and I recommend it, start here.

Derborence: Where the devils came down is available directly from Skomlin (, or via Amazon

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